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"Sebastian, will you bring me some warm milk with honey?" The young Earl asked quietly, peaking his head out from underneath the covers. He had another nightmare again and wished for the warm and comforting drink. //hello! Hope you don't mind?














((Of course not, love!)) 

Sebastian peeks his head into Ciel’s room, bright red eyes curiously watching his little lord before he fetches his milk and kneels before his lord. 

"Here is your milk, my lord." 

Sebastian’s eyes focus on his Master, in an unnerving sort of way. He traces every line, watching Ciel’s eyes and listening to his heartbeat, monitoring his breathing pattern. Is his Young Lord nervous? 

"sh-shut up.. i’m not cuddling you.. i’m relaxing in your lap." his mismatch orbs opened and he glared up at the demon, "what did you do to me earlier? when you were touching my…" Ciel hesitated before continuing, "penis.." he murmured, looking away as he said the word.

It was embarrassing. He had never learned about such pleasures and he was still a curious child. His blush had darkened as he waited for the demon’s response. He reached down and covered his crotch with both hands, childishly.

Sebastian laughed again, and it probably echoed into the hallways. Oh, Ciel, you’re so innocent you should be illegal. Oh, wait. You are. Damn jail bait. Sebastian calms his laughter and tilts Ciel’s head close for a simple kiss. Such a cute blush on your cheeks, Young Master. I could just eat you up… 

"What about it," he answers. He hand trails dangerously close to that place again. He smirks, his pupils turning into nothing but slits for a second before his fingertips slipped under Ciel’s hands to touch the bottom of his belly. 

"You’re so cute when you blush, Young Master. You truly are such a child.." 

"Wh-what were you doing to me?" He questions quietly. His eyes gazing up at the crimson orbs of the demon as he bit his lip.

As Sebastian’s fingers touch his skin so close to that area - he tenses, sucking in a breath. His blush intensifiys, “i-i’m not a child!” How embarrassing. Ciel couldn’t even manage to speak without stuttering like a scared little kid. He dug his nails into his butler’s hand without realizing, annoyed that he had been called a child, even though he was one he still hated it when he was referred to as one.

He ground his teeth, glaring at the demon. He was still blushing furiously and his belly muscles tightened. He felt his member begin to twitch slightly but ignored it.

Sebastian felt himself harden, and he hoped that Ciel felt it. A rush of blood downstairs and all it took was a look at Ciel’s adorable naked body.
His pale skin, with touches of pink from the hot water and Sebastian’s teasing.

"I think it’s called seduction in the human world."

He smirks and leans in close, his hot breath on Ciel’s cheek, “May I please take my clothes off, Master? They have become quite uncomfortable for me…”
He does want to eat up Ciel’s innocence, be his Master’s first and only.
Lady Elizabeth cannot claim Ciel’s first anything. Not his first kiss, his first love, his first touch.
Ciel belongs to Sebastian, and Sebastian belongs to Ciel. It’s that simple.

He shifted slightly, feeling the odd hardness against his rear. His breathing had quickened and was coming out in small pants.

A sense of excitement rushing through his body and going straight to his length, his hands remained over his crotch and a small whimper escaping his throat as his knees came up to his chest. He was already hard again?

Ciel quickly shook his head in response to his question, averting his eyes from his butler’s crimson orbs. “No.. keep them on.” His hips rocked slightly and he whimpered again, his length rubbing against his hands and his rear accidentally rubbing against Sebastian’s crotch. He curled his toes and gazed off into the water, not wanting to look at the demon.

Sebastian groans softly, trying to control himself. He grips at Ciel’s hips, keeping him still when he tries to roll again. This grinding down will surely make Sebastian lose control.

He moans into Ciel’s ear, “But these wet clothes are so uncomfortable, sticking to my skin the way they are.” He nibbles on Ciel’s ear lobe, nipping at the skin and pulling slightly.

He wants everything Ciel has, wants to guide the boy’s hips as he slid up and down and up and down. That pretty face covered in a blush, prettier lips parted as he moaned and screamed for his butler.

Such a scandal for a Phantomhive.

Ciel begans to tremble slightly in the demon’s lap, his body tensing as his hips were held tightly. When he felt teeth along his ear - his eyes had shut and a small, barely audible moan left him.

"No, Sebastian, i can’t sit in your lap anymore if you take off your clothes.." he said quietly, his body quivering, "I think i’m clean now, so we can get out, and you can go change.."

Shappire orbs flutter open and he turns his head, looking at Sebastian nervously, licking his wet lips. His cheeks were flushed red and his eyes full of lust.

"Do you really want to leave, Young Master," Sebastian coos, placing a gentle, affectionate love nip on the junction between Ciel’s neck and shoulder.
His blood smells so pure, so addicting. It calls for Sebastian.
The demon can feel his mouth begin to salivate, a rather watery drool starting to run down Ciel’s back and Sebastian hasn’t let go yet.

Big hands keep Ciel from escaping, and Sebastian can’t stop the moan that escapes or the twitch below the belt.
He’s sucked people dry as he deflowered them. No guilt, no shame. But Ciel….

Ciel is much different. Sebastian dare says he loves the kid. He wants Ciel to be his forever, or at least until Ciel agrees to be a demon.

The bluenette whimpers quietly, finally removing his hands from covering his erection and moved them onto Sebastian’s larger hands. “Let go of me.” He began to tug at the hands, starting to regret his decision to allow Sebastian to bathe with him.

His voice was almost pleading and he began to squirm as much as he was able to with the grip holding onto him.

He turned his head and looked back at the demon with his mismatched orbs, “let me go, Sebastian.” He demanded again, his contract symbol glowing. His smaller hands continuing to tug at his larger ones. Ciel was beginning to get angry that his butler wouldn’t release him.

It took Sebastian a moment to react, to let go of Ciel’s hips.
His lips stayed attached for a moment, the tips of his fangs grazing Ciel’s skin as he moans. Sebastian lets go abruptly, licking the spot where his teeth were. A minor bite mark, nothing to fret over. Sebastian can cover it up. Easy peasy.

"I apologize, my lord," he says softy, nipping Ciel’s ear before he pulls back and keeps his hands to himself (for the most part).
He had though Ciel would be more sensitive to the kisses, especially on the kid’s neck.
You never cease to amaze me, Young Master.

He shivered as the tongue was dragged along his skin, his anger fading. His hand moved up to cover the place the demon has kissed and grazed with his fangs. His cheeks were still flushed and he looked away once Sebastian had let go of his hips.

Ciel realized that he had uncovered his hard member and placed his free hand over it shyly, he couldn’t let Sebastian see it. He didn’t want his butler to know he had effected him.

His knees were quickly brought to his chest. His neck felt hot where the male had his lips against it and he tried to ignore the need to be touched by him.

He did want Sebastian to touch him, but he didn’t know if he wanted it out of lust or not. It was a mistake to allow him to touch his penis and he shouldn’t have allowed it, but he couldn’t change that it had happened.

"I-it’s.. alright…" He murmured, leaning against his chest once more.

The arousal in the air was a mix of Ciel’s and Sebastian’s. Sebastian, of course, had more self control that Ciel could imagine. But Ciel was only thirteen…
Humans and their laws. It doesn’t apply to Sebastian. He’s after Ciel’s soul, his heart, his innocence. Sebastian longs to drink up all of Ciel’s perfect innocence, and still keep Ciel as his mate.
It only takes a moment for Sebastian to realize that he loves Ciel, and it hits him like a freight train.
He hasn’t felt love since-
"I love you, Ciel," he murmured softly, fingertips ghosting over Ciel’s thighs and tummy and hips.
What did he just say?

How can you be so stupid, Prince? All you did was give him a quick handjob! No, no, it’s more than that. You’ve been in love since you met. Don’t fool yourself, Gaap.

"I love you so much," he whispers, shocked by his own words that keep fumbling out. Don’t lose your composure now. No, stop it! Keep your hands to yourself! Don’t touch that cute little cock hiding under Ciel’s hands.

Sebastian presses kisses to Ciel’s neck, turning the boy around so he can face him. Sebastian takes one of the hands not on Ciel’s groin and kisses each fingertip, moving down to kiss his palm and his wrist.
Such smooth, pure skin.

Mismatched orbs widened at the confession and his lips part but no words come out. He watched as his fingers and down to his wrist were kissed, shocked by the demon’s words.

"d-don’t.. don’t say that…" Ciel whimpered out, attempting to pull his hand away. His eyes squeezed shut and he turned his head, not wanting to look at Sebastian. "Don’t say you love me.."

His heart felt like it was hammering in his chest and it was slightly hard for him to breathe. His cheeks were pink and his skin flustered. His wet hair clung to him and framed his face.

His erection was painfully hard at this point. He couldn’t handle the kisses and the gentleness of the demon. He liked it and he wanted more of these touches, everywhere the butler’s fingers trailed it felt like it burned on his pale skin. But at the same time he was scared and wanted them to stop, he wasn’t scared of Sebastian, he trusted him completely, he was scared because he hadn’t ever felt like this.

He didn’t know why his skin burned under his fingertips, why the kisses to his neck caused pleasure to run down his spine, why Sebastian was being so gentle with him as if he would break, or why being this close to him made the bluenette nervous.

His eyes opened and he gazed at the demon.

'Don't say it… Please, Sebastian..' he thought to himself, his bottom lip trembling slightly.










"Family gatherings" aka "90% of the people here are racist"

”..and homophobic”

"and sexist"

"and claim to be none of these things"

"they’re just joking"

"you’re just going through a phase"

"you’ll get used to it"

"so do you have a boyfriend yet?" 

"I think I didn’t hear what you just said so I’m going to ask you again. How’s college?"

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